Philips Master PL-T/4P 26W/840 Energy Saver lamp (made in Poland)


Philips Master PL-T/4P 26W/840 Energy Saver lamp (made in Poland)


SKU: Philips Master PL-T/4P 26W/840 Energy Saver lamp (made in Poland)

Philips Master PL T 26W/840 4P Energy Saver lamp (made in Poland)

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MASTER PL-T is an efficient compact fluorescent lamp, typically used in general downlights for retail, hospitality and office applications demanding higher lighting levels. The original Philips-invented bridge technology guarantees optimum performance in the application, enabling more light and higher efficacy than the bended technology. The 4-pin version is designed for operation on electronic gear and is provided with a plug-in/pull-out lamp base.

Cap-Base GX24q-3
Cap-Base Information 4P
Life to 10% fail Preheat EL,3h 8000 hr
Life to 10% fail Nonpreh EL,3h 4500 hr
Life to 50% fail Preheat EL,3h 13000 hr
Life to 50% fail Nonpreh EL,3h 7000 hr

Color Code 840 [CCT of 4000K]
Color Rendering Index 82 Ra8
Color Designation (text) Cool White
Color Temperature 4000 K
Luminous Flux EM 25°C, Rated 1725 Lm
Luminous Flux EM 25°C, Nominal 1800 Lm
Lum Efficacy Rated EM 25°C 72 (min) Lm/W
Design Temperature 28 C
Chromaticity Coordinate X 380 -
Chromaticity Coordinate Y 379 -

Lamp Wattage 26W
Lamp Wattage EL 25°C, Rated 24.0W
Lamp Wattage EL 25°C, Nominal 26W
Lamp Voltage EM 25°C 80V
Lamp Current EM 25°C 0.300 A
Dimmable Yes

Energy Efficiency Label (EEL) A
Mercury (Hg) Content 1.4 mg
Energy consumption kWh/1000h 29 kWh

Base Face to Base Face A 86.7 (max) mm
Insertion Length B 111.0 (max) mm
Overall Length C 126.7 (max) mm
Diameter D 41 (max) mm

Optimal light performance for short or long operation per switch-on
-Substantially more light (about 15% more) per light point than with other similar shapes
-Multiple light color choice
-Good color rendering (CRI >80)

Features :
-4-pin base
-Philips’ bridging technology applied
-Fluorescent tri-phosphor technology
-Low light depreciation over lamp life
-Fast light run-up

Applications :
-Designed for general or supplementary lighting in professional and semi-professional environments
-Ideal for use in recessed or surface mounted downlighters, wall units, outdoor lighting
-First choice for short switching cycles, emergency lighting and deep dimming

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