Philips LED MR11 12V 3.5-20W 2700K 24D Non-Dim


Philips LED MR11 12V 3.5-20W 2700K 24D Non-Dim

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Philips LED MR11 Spotlight 3.5W GU4 12V LEDspotLV Warm White 24°

  • Cap type: GU4
  • Power Consumption: 3.5W
  • Equivalent: 20W Halogen MR11
  • Colour Output: Warm White
  • Dimensions: Diameter=35mm Height=40mm

The LEDspot range of LED MR11 spotlight light bulbs from Philips is designed to provide a viable and cost effective alternative to the outgoing halogen spotlights.

They are more efficient, more reliable and longer lasting than those they are designed to replace, yielding a raft of savings throughout their lifetime, from instantaneous energy savings to reduced maintenance costs further down the line.

The low voltage MR11 pictured here uses just 3.5W but delivers the same light quality and brightness as a 20W light bulb. The 2,000 hour rated lifetime of comparable halogen spotlights pales into insignificance when compared to the monumental 40,000 hours of this LED version.

LED technology is inherently more efficient than halogen light bulbs and ultimately gives off less heat, UV and IR, meaning that LED spotlights are much better suited to heat-sensitive applications related to food, organic materials and paintings.

This spotlight lamp is fitted with a low voltage 12V GU4 2-pin (4mm apart) base.

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