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Brands : Osram Model: : 64828FL, GU10 Power: 50W Color classification : Halogen Warm White colour

Voltage:   230V Light source type : Halogen Tungsten Lamp Lamp head connector(Lamp head model) : GU10

Osram 64655 24V 250W GY6.35 EHJ, Items made in Germany.

Shape    T4
Lamp Base    G6.35 (Glass 2-Pin)
Filament    CBar6
Bulb Finish    Clear
Rated Life    50 hrs
Light Center Length - LCL    1.29in (33.00mm)

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Osram 64516 300W 230V GX6.35, made in Germany

Nominal wattage 300.00W
Nominal voltage 230V

Nominal luminous flux 7900 lm
Color temperature 3150 K

Diameter  : 18.5 mm
Illuminated field  : 9.8*12.5 mm²
Length  : 57.5 mm
Filament diameter  : 12.5 mm

Lifespan  : 75 h

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Specifications for 93506 Osram ENH 120V 250W GY5.3 Replacement Lamp

Shape    MR16
Lamp Base    GY5.3 (Miniature 2-Pin, Flat Pins)
Bulb Finish    Clear
Rated Life    175 hrs
Initial Lumens    460

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Specifications for the 54223 Osram 64637 Replacement Lamp

Shape    MR16
Lamp Base    GZ6.35 (2-Pin)
Bulb Finish    Clear
Rated Life    1500 hours
Operating Position    s120 (Vertical, Base Down)
Color Ren

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Specifications for 54264 Osram 64642 HLX Replacement Lamp, made in Germany
Shape    T4
Lamp Base    G6.35 (Glass 2-Pin)
Bulb Finish    Clear
Rated Life    300 hrs
Light Center Length - LCL    1.25in (31.70mm)

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Osram 64670 T25 230V 500W GY9.5 Projector Bulb, made in Germany

Technical parameters :
Rated power    500
Tension    230 V
Handle    GY9,5
Color temperature    3000ºK
Light beam    11000 lm
The diameter (d)    23 mm
Total length (L) 

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Osram 64672 M/40 Display/Optic 500 Watt 240V Halogen Single Ended Lamp

MOL 85mm x DIA 22mm
Rated Avg. Life 2000hrs
Initial Lumens 8500
s90 Burn Position
Rated Voltage 240 Volt
Color Temp 2900K
GY9.5 Prefocus Bi-pin Base
LIF Code M/40
Country Of Origin Germany
Osram Product Code #400832

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Osram 64720 CP/23 230V 650W GX9.5 - Osram 64720 CP23, made in Germany

Category    Entertainment - Stage,Studio & Film
Brand    Osram
Volt    230
Watt    650
Base    GX9.5
Filament    BP
Diameter    26mm max
OAL   &

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Osram 64752 T29 240V 1200W GX9.5 Display Optic lamp, made in Germany

Specifications :

Wattage : 1200W
Voltage  : 240V
Base Socket    : GX9.5
Color Temperature : 3000K
Diameter : 27mm
Length : 125mm
Life Time (H)  : 400H
Rated Iuminous Flux (Lm)  : 29000 lm


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Osram 64686 DYR 240V 650W GY9.5

Lamps for Photography, Video, Film, Stage, Theater (Halogen lamps, medium/high voltage, single-ended for professional film and TV work).

Nominal wattage 650.00W
Nominal voltage 230V

Nominal luminous flux 16500 lm
Color temperature 3200 K

Diameter 21.0 mm
Illuminated field 10.0*10.0 mm

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Specifications Osram Powerball HCI-TS 150W NDL 942 RX7S | Cool White
General Information
SKU    162156
Manufacturer Name    Powerball HCI-TS 150W/942 NDL PB RX7S-24
Energy efficiency class    A+ 
Average Lifetime (h)    16000
Technical Information
Technology    HID

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